Baby Pep

Baby Pep by Corporate Services is a cost effective highly digestible source of fermented specialty soybean meal protein, with adequate palatability, and minimal anti nutritional factors (ANF) that results in improved growth rates for ruminant, swine, poultry, and aqua, animal species. (See our Baby Act 36 Registration Certificate)


During the growth of infant weaning animal species, they require a source of protein feed intake that provides support to their digestive system which is undergoing development, whereas the farmer desires a source of protein that promotes a sustainable cost-effective growth rate to the animal production process. Baby Pep by Corporate Services is an economical innovative high-quality vegetable protein source of feed, derived from fermented degraded soybean meal, that is highly digestible, consisting of minimal anti-nutritional factors, and has free-flowing adequate palatability, leading to enhanced animal growth rates. It has application as a protein feed source for ruminant, swine, poultry, and aqua animal species.

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Manufactured by: Corporate Services. Reg. No. 1989/008953/23