H2O2 Cleaner

Reg no. Act 29 GNR 529/264869/130/869

The H202 Cleaner by Corporate Services is the ideal drinking system cleaner which is highly effective,  non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly.(See our H202 Cleaner SABS Registration, H202 Cleaner Instruction Sheet, H202 Cleaner Material Safety Data Sheet and H202 Cleaner Safety Recommendations pages.)


Disinfecting a drinking system without cleaning it has little or no effect. The use of borehole or river water leads to the rapid formation of biofilms in drinking systems. These biofilms are ideal media for all kinds of micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi. As a result, drinking water containing such micro-organisms may infect animals, plus increase the risk of blockage and leaks in a drinking system. Animals will drink less water because of change in taste, resulting in subsequent serious problems which can affect farm profits.

H2O2 Cleaner provides an efficient cleansing and purification of the complete drinking system.

The Product

H2O2 Cleaner provides a dual effect:

  • Cleaning
  • Disinfection

H2O2 Cleaner’s efficacy is based on the interaction between pure stabilised hydrogen peroxide and silver ions. This powerful combination provides the two-fold effect of cleaning and disinfection.

Powerful Cleaning

One litre of H2O2 Cleaner produces in excess of 200 litres oxygen. This effervescent effect removes biofilm from inside the pipes and nipple drinkers. The silver ions, in combination with hydrogen peroxide, ensure maximum efficiency in cleaning the whole drinking system.

Multi-effective Disinfecting Technique

H2O2 Cleaner creates free radicals which quickly destroy the cellular membranes of any micro-organisms they come into contact with. The silver ions then penetrate the cells and destroy their internal structure.

  • The DNA structure of bacteria and fungi are affected, thereby preventing further multiplication of cells.
  • Cell membranes are destroyed, therefore all functional parts of cells are inactivated.
  • The immobilization of the energy source in the cells inactivates the enzymatic process.

Advantages of Using H2O2 Cleaner

H2O2 Cleaner:

  • Effectively cleans and disinfects drinking systems.
  • Effectively removes all organic contamination and manganese deposits from water drinking systems.
  • Is safe for use in all animal housing, whether occupied or not.
  • If overdosed at up to 250 ml : 1 000 lts, a mild acidic taste may be noticed in the water.
  • Is non-corrosive, and will not cause damage to water lines, nipple drinkers, or mechanical equipment.
  • Is safe for humans, animals, and materials.
  • Does not affect the taste or smell of water at normal dosage rates
  • Is very safe to use if applied at correct dosage levels.
  • Can be used in continuous application via automatic dispenser to ensure good quality drinking water throughout the production cycle.
  • Is competitively priced in comparison to opposition products.
  • Prevents many infections and associated production performance problems.
  • Other products based on Peracetic Acids, Acids, or Chlorine affect rubber seals in water lines and drinking nipples. Result: brittle seals and leakage.
  • Such products are also corrosive. Result: erosion of ball valves which causes leakage.

Products used in the cleaning of drinking systems should be highly effective, simple to use, non-corrosive, bio-degradable, and cause no damage to equipment or the environment. H2O2 Cleaner is all of the above.

How To Use H2O2 Cleaner

Dosage Rate: 50 ml : 1 000 litres water.

Cleaning a Drinking System Post Production:

  • Empty the water lines of all residual water.
  • Fill the complete system with a 1 to 3 % solution of H2O2
  • Allow to soak for 10 hours.
  • Empty the drinking system of all treated water.
  • Rinse the entire system with clean water.

Cleaning a Drinking System During a Production Cycle (i.e. populated building):

  • Days 1 & 2: 50 ml H2O2 Cleaner : 1 000 litres water.
  • Days 3 & 4: 100 ml : 100 ml per 1 000 litres water.
  • Days 5 & 6: 150 ml : 1 000 litres water.
  • Day 7 & beyond: Revert back to initial dosage rate, i.e. 50 ml H2O2 Cleaner : 1 000 litres

N.B. Do not exceed 250 ml H2O2 Cleaner per 1 000 litres water.

Through the regular use of H2O2 Cleaner, farmers are now able to provide hygienic, non-contaminated water to their livestock. Challenges from pathogenic bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi are reduced, and mortalities and production performance is improved, resulting in better farm profits.

Manufactured by: Corporate Services. Reg. No. 1989/008953/23