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At Corporate Services our vision is to provide cost effective solutions to the animal feed, water treatment, agricultural, chemical and food related industries. We strive to provide economical innovative products or services, and to collaborate or partner up with clients, veterinarians, animal nutritionists, scientists and suppliers. This ensures high product quality, exemplary service, results-driven products, and tailored client solutions.  We are a South African company predominantly specializing in the development, manufacturing and supply of  feed additives for Ruminant, Swine, Poultry and Aqua animal species. Above anything and everything, Corporate Services is committed to building partnerships with its clients to help build business for mutual benefits through cost savings, while also accomplishing mutually profitable outcomes, and we desire that all our client’s businesses prosper . Our motto is to add value through innovative, cost effective, and dependable solutions. Customer service is a critical component of our business model. We are passionate about solving our client’s challenges through product innovation, continuous process improvement, strategic sourcing, and cost reduction strategies. Our commitment to scientific research is to embrace a culture of creativity and innovation to provide results-proven, and research-driven products that are economical to the end user. What we do best is to apply our  experience, expertise and knowledge to guide new products from conception through to delivery.  We can together under an agreed framework  create the opportunity for success. 

We keep the relationships with our clients  at the heart of everything we do. We know that business growth is driven by referrals, accountability, transparency, honesty, trust, respect, reliability, timeliness, courtesy, selflessness, integrity, competence, quality, and a positive word of mouth. We are a values based organisation – VBO. Corporate Services is a forward-thinking contract manufacturer or co-packer company offering cost-effective, innovative and timely solutions to your packing or manufacturing needs. We pride ourselves on having expertise and flexibility to manage a wide range of products from small sampling jobs to high volume production runs. Corporate Services slogan is ‘together we are growing‘, in that we achieve reciprocal business growth between the entities who we work with. We can provide ‘full service’ support from design through to procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, storage, packing, labeling and distribution. We support our clients through the entire process.

Our Services

Warehousing and Storage

We will warehouse, unload,  offload, store  and dispatch your products, which include individual pallets, bulk pallet deliveries, de-stuffing overseas containers, re-palletisation of stock , within tight control and product traceability. Also, we will reconcile opening and closing balances of available stock  on your behalf. This enables a just-in-time (JIT) inventory system, where efficiency is increased and excess receiving raw materials are reduced as they are only received when they are required.

Contract Manufacturing

We will manufacture turnkey solutions to your manufacturing requirements by working in partnership with you and assisting in creating finished goods based on your own designs, formulas, or specifications.

Distribution and Logistics

We provide collection and distribution services for our customers, including the dispatch of finished goods, with our own vehicle assets or those of an road freight company acting as an agent on our behalf,  if we are unable to meet the load requirements. 


We will source your raw material requirements at the best price from international and local manufacturers or suppliers. In some cases  by joint-purchasing (pooling resources together),  buying economies of scale may be achieved through bulk purchase discounts.

Packaging and Labeling

We will prepare, package and label  the finished product under your own private label according  your individual requirements,


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