Our Services

Corporate Services offers its services to its business partners or clients according and tailored to their own individual requirements.

Packaging and Labeling

We will prepare, package and label  the finished product under your own private label according  your individual requirements.


We will source your raw material requirements at the best price from international and local manufacturers or suppliers. In some cases  by joint-purchasing (pooling resources together),  buying economies of scale may be achieved through bulk purchase discounts.

Distribution and Logistics

We will provide collection and distribution services for our customers, including the dispatch of finished goods, with our own vehicle assets or those of an road freight company acting as an agent on our behalf,  if we are unable to meet the load requirements.

Contract Manufacturing

We will manufacture turnkey solutions to your manufacturing requirements, tailored and according to your own needs, by working in partnership with you based on your own designs, formulas, or specifications.

Warehousing and Storage

We will warehouse, unload, store unload, store and dispatch your products, which include individual pallets, bulk pallet deliveries, de-stuffing overseas containers, re-palletisation of stock with bulk racking available, within tight control and product traceability. Also, we will reconciling opening and closing of available stock  on your behalf.

Our Products

The range of products that Corporate Services manufactures, distributes or supplies encompasses: industrial enzymes, chemical disinfectants, wastewater treatment products, feed preservatives, feed enzyme and probiotic combinations, feed acidifiers, surfactants, specialty feed proteins, organic acid feed supplements, and zootechnical feed supplements.